How It Works

TimeTender is designed to encourage service on organization-hosted community projects, through a time credit system based on volunteer service hours.  Time credits are created when residents volunteer with a nonprofit project or program, and can be traded with other residents for the hourly use of their skills or redeemed for educational, recreational and cultural experiences at local institutions. 


1. An individual, group or organization presents an idea for a community project/mission on the platform.Diagram2

2. The idea is examined by the impacted community. If the idea is determined to be beneficial, the idea is empowered with the ability to issue TimeDollars.


3. The idea now becomes a project hosted on TimeTender. The project now has the power to attract and award volunteers with time dollars for their work.


 4. Volunteers who participate with the project can trade TimeDollars with other volunteers in exchange for individual services.


5. At the end of their lifecycle, TimeDollars can be redeemed for classes, museum visits, sporting events, recreation, and entertainment at local anchor institutions.

3 thoughts on “How It Works

  1. Hello, I’d like to learn more/discuss your model. I am beginning involvement with the Big Idea Bookstore (which is how I heard about timetender) and I am currently launching a like-minded educational service: I have been interested in time banking for a while, but have not had direct contact with anyone planning/managing one.

    I will try to attend the meeting at Big Idea on March 31 and hope to be able to talk then, but please also feel free to contact me at your convenience via wordpress.


    1. Hey Fritzburg,
      Thank you for reaching out! I would love to meet up with you and discuss both of our ideas. If you are interested, I can meet up with you to discuss this idea in person, or we can communicate at your convenience.

      Let me know!



      1. Hey Dan, sorry I did not respond sooner. We actually have met subsequently at The Big Idea Bookstore. I am still thinking about our conversation and your presentation, and how I might be able to be involved or work with your project. In the immediate future I have a number of kinks to work out in my own projects/process, but I hope to talk again and to hear about your progress with the model. Thanks and best in all your work!

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